150+ Handpicked Fitness Resources for the Modern Professional

The last 10 years I have dedicated towards Health & Fitness and it has truly changed my life. The foundation of my core skills were first developed through Fitness from self discipline, dedication to habit building and goal setting.

This foundation has transferred to a successful career in Tech sales and now entrepreneurship. I believe the disciplines developed through health and fitness can help any person become a better entrepreneur and build amazing businesses. The key thing is to TAKE ACTION.

That is why I created this list. To help make it easier for the BUSY Modern Professional to cut through the noise and have a single vetted place to go to for learning how to tackle their health.

Over the years doing things like nutrition coaching, personal training and competitive bodybuilding I have been asked hundreds of question from people interested in getting fit. There is just so much stuff out there that it’s overwhelming.

I have handpicked everything that has helped me and what I have found to help others and compiled it into these 150 resources across all the main areas of fitness. From Nutrition, Supplementation, Workout Programs to other cool stuff like Motivational Videos, Spotify Playlists and Tech Gear.

For an additional 135 resources across all these categories check out the www.getfitstack.com for all the tools organized in a free, easy to use directory.

Hopefully this helps you as much as it has helped me over the years.

  • Bodybuilding.com: The World’s #1 Online Fitness Website and Basic Nutrition Articles.
  • Reddit Nutrition: Community of 60,000 people talking about everything Nutrition related.
  • Layne nortonFor intelligent people who aren’t satisfied with what they read in fitness magazines.
  • Lyle Macdonald: Whether your goals are fat loss, muscle gain, or improved performance, if you are looking for scientific, fact based information, you have come to the right place.
  • Alan AragonFitness Based on Science and Experience
  • HealthyFoodHouseDaily publishing of new information in the fields of Natural Remedies, Diet and Weight loss, Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables, Healthy Recipes, Health Tips and many more.
  • Paleo Diet: The Paleo Diet, the world’s healthiest diet, is based upon the fundamental concept that the optimal diet is the one to which we are genetically adapted.
  • MindbodyGreen: A lifestyle media brand dedicated to inspiring you to live your best life, giving you everything that’s great for you: mentally, physically, spiritually
  • FoodofyDiscover significant nutritional facts, lip-smacking healthy recipes, and invaluable food hacks, that will make your life easy.
  • Bodybuilding.com Forums: Bodybuilding.com Nutrition Forums is one of the best communities for learning about nutrition from others on the same journey and experts providing guidance.
  • Nutrition Data– Detailed nutrition information, plus unique analysis tools that tell you more about how foods affect your health and make it easier to choose healthy food.
  • Food Insight.orgDedicated to the mission of effectively communicating science-based information on health, nutrition and food safety for the public good.
  • MercolaThis is one of the most popular and controversial nutrition sites on the web, providing simple inexpensive tools to help limit or avoid expensive and potentially dangerous drugs and surgery.
  • The Perrenial PlateThis is not your typical Nutrition site, but a full-on sustainable eating experience.
  • Muscle & Strength StoreThe #1 store for bodybuilding supplements and fitness stuff with the fastest shipping and best service to back it up!
  • Nuts.com:Mega Selection of Nuts, Dried Fruit Candy, Snacks, Ingredients & More!
  • TigerFitnessTiger Fitness has the best muscle-building pre & post workout supplements for any fitness goals: lean muscle mass, bulking up.
  • Bodybuilding.com: #1 store to buy everything for getting fit
  • Nike: Experience sports, training, shopping and everything else that’s new at Nike from any country in the world.
  • Eastbay: Shop the Official Eastbay Store for Brand Name Footwear, Apparel & More. Footlockers online basis.
  • Vitacost: They make it easy to buy organic food online.
  • Strength Camp: The Strength Camp Channel is dedicated to Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman and becoming a STRONGER VERSION OF OURSELVES.
  • CT Fletcher Motivation: He has several videos geared to help you stay motivated in the gym.
  • Scott HermanHe is NASM, APEX, Kinesis, and TRX certified and is a regular contributor to the free online workout site Lionsgate BeFit.
  • The Hodgetwins : They have unique sayings that people love and provide some of the most entertaining fitness content on youtube.
  • Physiques of GreatnessThis channel is dedicated to “NATURAL BODYBUIDING & FITNESS” but most importantly the lifestyle that comes along with it and most of all having FUN.
  • Athlean-XThis is where you can find all the latest FREE workouts, nutrition and supplement advice to get you on your way to ripped 6 pack abs and a more muscular, athletic body in record time.
  • Amanda RussellTruly the next generation of fitness — FitStrongandSexy.com has proven to be one of the most effective fitness programs out there for women.
  • Swoldier Nation: He preaches that looks aren’t everything and that in order to find happiness you have to find balance physically, spiritually, and mentally.
  • Journal of Nutrition and Food Science: A peer-reviewed open access from research on human nutrition broadly and food-related nutrition in particular.
  • Association of American Medical CollegesServes and leads the academic medicine community to improve the health of all.
  • Advances in Nutrition: Publishes review articles that highlight the significance of recent research in nutrition and illustrate the central role of nutrition in the promotion of health and prevention of disease.
  • American Society for Nutrition: A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together the world’s top researchers, clinical nutritionists and industry to advance our knowledge and application of nutrition for the sake of humans and animals.
  • Journal of NutritionContents include peer-reviewed research reports on all aspects of experimental nutrition, critical reviews, commentaries, and symposium and workshop proceedings.
  • American College of Sports MedicineACSM offers access to cutting-edge research, translational science, relevant clinical reports and recent health-and-fitness information.
  • Oxford University Press: OUP is a trusted gateway to the very best scholarly articles.
  • Garmin Vivoactive HRGPS-packing sporty smartwatch is back with a slimmer design, a barometric altimeter to track elevation and optical heart rate monitor.
  • Fitbit Alta: The recently unveiled Alta is as basic a tracker as you’re likely to find, but the focus here is on customization and style.
  • Misfit Ray: This sleek tubular tracker can measure steps and sleep and can be paired with a host of equally stylish accessories.
  • Basis: Includes a accelerometer to measure sleep patterns, optical scanner to track blood flow, a perspiration monitor, as well as skin and ambient temperature monitors to measure workout intensity.
  • SportiiiisThe simple Head-Up Display (HUD) has 6 LED’s to indicate your heart rate.
  • Skulpt Aim: A potentially revolutionary device that’s an alternative to using mirrors, tape measures, and weighing scales to measure fitness.
  • iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter: This device plugs into older iOS devices using the 30-pin connector to track and trend your blood oxygenation levels, pulse rate and Perfusion Index, particularly if you are a sportsperson.
  • Trace: Built for action sports and meant to be mounted on the board from where it would log in the tricks you’ve landed, your speed, maximum height and sync all of the data with a smartphone app.
  • Umoro One: It’s great for use in the gym during workouts and having that post workout drink right after without having to carry multiple bottles around.
  • Sensoria Smart Sock: Designed for runners, the Sensoria Smart Sock tells you how well you’ve been running and how to improve your performance over time.
  • SITU Smart Food Scale: This handy new food scale does the job for you, measuring the calories and nutritional info or ingredients instantly as you cook.
  • Motivation Mix: Uplifting and energetic music that helps you stay motivated during your workout.
  • Fun workoutAll gain, no pain with these tracks to have you a great workout.
  • Electro workoutEnergetic electronic tracks to make you sweat!
  • Pumping IronPush it to the limit with some serious motivation from these heavy tunes.
  • Running Tempo MixFrom pavement to trail-power through your run with songs that move you forward.
  • WorkoutGreat songs to keep your workout fresh!
  • CrossfitStronger, faster, crossfit! When training with the toughest, you need best workout music.
  • Workout RemixPush your pace with this remix.
  • Rage RadioEpic Bigroom house and festival bangers!
  • HIIT: High-Interval Training generally consist of a warm up period, then several repetitions of high intensity exercise separated by medium intensity exercise for recovery, then a cool down period.
  • Body Weight Training ProgramStrength training exercises that do not require free weights; the practitioner’s own weight provides the resistance for the movement. Movements such as the push-up, the pull-up, and the sit-up are some of the most common bodyweight exercises.
  • Smolov Squat Program: The full Smolov cycle is a brutal 13 week reckoning.
  • P90xP90X® is a complete 90-day home fitness system designed to get you in the best shape of your life.
  • Stronglifts 5×5The Simplest Workout To Get Stronger, Build Muscle and Burn Fat.
  • Mad Cow 5×5This program is great for adding muscle mass and increasing overall strength and fitness levels.
  • Powerlifting Program: Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.
  • Cory Gregory’s 16 week get Swole ProgramLed by Cory Gregory, this 16-week program will show you the Swole ways without eating junk and piling on unnecessary fat. It’s the perfect cure for hardgainers.
  • Steve Cooks 12 week Big Man on Campus Trainer: He understands the challenges of eating quality food on a college budget, the hectic schedules, and tackling the general demands of college life.
  • Kris Gettric 12 Week Hardcore Training Program: This 12-week plan is to help you build a ton of lean mass but the end results will blow your mind. If you survive it.
  • Eating WellThey provide recipes that you can quickly cook up during dinner times with bust households.
  • Cooking LightProvide recipes nutritional information so you can count calories or keep track of your fiber intake.
  • My RecipeThousands of healthy recipes plus nutrition news, diet recipes, and smart cooking strategies for a healthy diet
  • Food NetworkHas a special section dedicated to “Healthy Eating”.
  • All RecipesIt has tips for recipe makeovers and if you have a great recipe, you can submit it to the website.
  • Healthy KitchenYour ultimate healthy cooking destination, where you’ll find tasty recipes for all dietary preferences
  • Happy and Healthy Recipes: Here you will find healthy recipes so packed with flavor and colors that you almost won’t believe it is healthy.
  • Eat Healthy Eat HappyYour resource for easy, nutritious, plant based recipes that satisfy every craving.
  • Nike+Training ClubThe app offers more than 100 workouts crafted by Nike master trainers for people of all fitness levels.
  • MyFitnessPalOnce you start regularly using the app, it gets to know your diet and saves a list of your favorite foods that can be added to your daily intake with just the tap of a button.
  • Daily YogaWorlds Most Dedicated Yoga App
  • LifesumLose weight. Bulk up. Eat better. Whatever your health goal, Lifesum App is exactly what you need to make it happen
  • LoseitWhether you want to lose 10lbs or 100lbs, all members share one goal: lose the weight and keep it off.
  • Runtastic Six PackThis app has a Slo-mo videos of the virtual trainers means you learn each exercise right the first time around and avoid injuries.
  • FitnetThe Fitnet app uses the camera on your smartphone or tablet to measure how well you’re keeping up with the workout.
  • VidaThe app allows you to both text and video chat with your health coach and even syncs up with Apple’s Health Kit to keep track of everything from your steps to the amount of sleep you’re getting.
  • RiseRise is so effective because the app pairs you one-on-one with a registered dietician.
  • FitStarYou no longer have to cough up the big bucks for a personal trainer to get workouts tailored directly for you.
  • Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe bodybuilder turned movie star turned politician turned movie star (again) is no stranger to the spotlight.
  • Alan AragonAlan Aragon has over 20 years of success in the fitness field, and is one of the most influential figures in the modern movement towards evidence-based information.
  • Shaun T: His wildly popular Insanity workout is the top-selling infomercial seven years running.
  • Tim Ferriss: Not afraid to test his own physical boundaries, Ferriss wrote the book (literally) on how to hack your way to a healthier life.
  • Jillian Michaels: The personal trainer, TV star, author, businesswoman, and all-around badass took her tough training style from The Biggest Loser to the masses.
  • Tony HortonThe Creator of P90X
  • Steve KambAt Nerd Fitness, Kamb creates content that, in his own words, enables “desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes to level up their lives” using comic books and sci-fi superheroes as fit inspiration.
  • Breaking MuscleThis incredible blog, Breaking Muscle is your one-stop shop for fitness and nutrition news and advice.
  • Summertomato: Teaches you how to get healthy and lose weight without dieting.
  • Yoga DorkIt doesn’t matter whether you balance in tree pose while brushing your teeth or if you’re just beginning your yoga practice.
  • Mile PostBeal’s BlogMile Posts, is full of down-to-earth musings and thoughts on running.
  • Gym JunkiesGym Junkies is one of the best fitness blogs on the net, and is very easy to navigate around.
  • Barbell ShruggedHome of the number 1 Podcast on Fitness and Nutrition.
  • Dai ManuelDai Manuel is dedicated to helping people lead healthier, more active lifestyles by sharing valuable health and fitness content.
  • BodyBuilding.comThe plans are the most popular of the site with plenty of choices for burning fat, building muscle, gaining strength or physique transformation.
  • T nationThis site is quite popular and is loaded with articles, workouts, videos and forum about bodybuilding.
  • Muscle & FitnessOne of the most popular sources for health and fitness.
  • Get BigAll about packing on the muscle with tons of resources and contributors from the fitness world.
  • Muscular DevelopmentBodybuilding’s #1 multimedia Destination!
  • FlexThe original source of bodybuilding news as well as information to help with training and nutrition.
  • InvictusInvictus is more than a gym it’s a community of support education and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Tabata TimesSome of the most comprehensive coverage of everything Crossfit.
  • Catalyst AthleticsFREE content includes 371 articles, 1194 videos, 293 exercise demos, 3111 weightlifting workouts, 39 weightlifting programs, and 3111 photos.
  • Crossfit.comOverall, the aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness supported by measurable, observable and repeatable results.
  • The BoxThe Box is where CrossFit happens.
  • Reddit FitnessOver 5.7M member Reddit Community talking everything about Health and Fitness.
  • Bodybuilding.com ForumsOne of the Largest Online Community about everything Health and Fitness.
  • Muscle and Strength ForumsHere you can learn about how to build muscle, burn fat, increase strength, and reach your health and fitness goals.
  • FitLinkThis online fitness community offers tools to help you get in shape and communicate with like-minded individuals.
  • Calorie CountIt offers calorie count information for nearly every type of food imaginable, recipes, exercise plans, weight loss tools and advice, and a supportive community of fitness buffs.
  • ShapefitFitness discussion forum for body building, weight loss, diet and exercise.
  • DailyMileA twitter-like website where you can track, then publicly share your workout accomplishments.
  • Tiger Fitness ForumsWorkout, nutrition, muscle building, fat loss and supplement forums.

Christopher Spadafora | 150+ Handpicked Fitness Resources for the Modern Professional

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